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Who are we ?

Prosperity Investment Corporation S.A

Prosperity Investment Corporation S.A. is an investment company that operates in the foreign exchange market.
PIC operates effectively in the international foreign exchange and stock markets for its own account and that of its clients.
The organization is convinced that FOREX trading is a source of dynamic fund-raising opportunities for African countries and especially those of the sub-region. PIC's priority is therefore to contribute to the inclusive financial emergence and financial independence of all social strata, thanks to the advice of experts in financial investments.

What we're offering you.

We're a leader in the field

Portfolio management

Portfolio management consists of managing capital or funds for you in order to generate income and record capital gains over a period of time

Satisfied or reimbursed
with 5% interest

"satisfied or your money back" is a promotional technique by which we offer you a refund if you're not satisfied with the results.

+30% monthly interest on the profit made

You will receive 30% interest on the monthly profit made at the end of each calendar month with a withdrawal of the profits made at any time

Forex Trading Training

Specialist in financial investments and heavyweight in Forex, we bring you all our expertise in the field through theoretical and practical training of the highest quality

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For whom ?

When to invest ?
  • Contractors

    You have excess cash? You don't know what to do with it? Don't let the cash sleep, optimize it with Forex Trading ...
  • Employees

    Have you just obtained a bank loan to acquire equipment or build a house? Thanks to ...
  • Retired or Future Retired

    Have you received your departure bonus? Forex trading allows you to make it grow to enjoy your retirement ...
  • Other

    If you want to have the best chance of succeeding in day trading, you need to use a wide range of resources ...

Over 800 customers trust us

Some read the past, others try to predict the future. Let us secure the present together. More than ever our goal: to make you reach new heights, always by your side to achieve your dreams. The know-how and the desire to move forward are the engines of our determination to rush towards the future ... Our responsibility does not stop only at the simple mission of prosperity, it transcends our core business and imperatively refers to social responsibility.

We are
experts in the field

We are convinced that Forex Trading is a source of dynamic fundraising opportunity for African countries, especially those in the Sub-Region.

  • We operate on the international foreign exchange and stock market
  • We have the best traders and analysts
  • Our priority is to contribute to your financial emergence
  • We provide you with investment expert advice

Our goal is to be at the heart of the financial services industry as businesses grow.

Edem SEDJROCEO of Prosperity Investment Corporation S.A

Customer testimonials

  • My company generates millions of CFA francs every month and therefore a considerable cash surplus. I already have a very varied portfolio and the foreign exchange market has always aroused my curiosity, but I have absolutely no time to devote to it. Thanks to PIC and the great work of its traders, I know that my money is working even when I'm asleep

    Company Manager
    Anonymous Customer
  • I invested in PIC when I retired. I had just received my severance pay and was looking for a way to make it grow so that I could continue to receive monthly payments. I know absolutely nothing about finance, but I can tell you that today I continue to live as if I were still a salaried employee and with a nice pension that often exceeds my basic investment every month

    Elizabeth KODJO

Our successes

Traders and
Analysts trained
Billions CFA
in raising capital
Intl. Forex Trading

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